Do you believe that God is working in our earthly world today like He was in the stories of the bible from thousands of years ago?  I DO! I’ve witnessed His handy work. Sometimes I’ve seen it in big things like healing and other times I’ve seen it in simple yet beautiful messages I call “God winks.” I want to share one of the most significant “God winks” my extended family has experienced.  Consider it a gift from our family to yours!

A Day to Celebrate!
It is a very special day to me because The Guided Journey book arrived today.  The book arrived exactly one year to the day from when I started writing it and precisely two years from the week that God called me to write a testimony about what He has done in our lives. It took me a year to figure out what He meant by “a testimony” and come up with the thesis statement – or – main idea for the book, which is, To develop a process for helping people discover their God-given purpose in life. From there, it took another year to write the book while on vacations and early Saturday mornings. Today is also the birthday of freedom for the USA. That is a lot to celebrate, remember and be thankful for but that’s not all that makes this day so special…

Today I received the picture above from my sister Kristin. She is with my dad Ramon hiking the fjords in Norway. I don’t think it is a coincidence that I received this picture from her in the same week that the book was completed.  The view in this picture has a very special meaning…

Grandma’s Dream
My grandmother Helen Miller Lee shared a dream with me five years after my grandfather died. The call from my grandma that day was overwhelming because she had never called me on the phone. She would always write me handwritten letters, many with pressed flowers on the cover. They were beautiful. She was incredibly creative and loving.

That night she called she asked me, “Mike, do you want your grandpa’s rocking chair from the homestead in North Dakota he had when he was a little boy?” Her question put a lump in my throat but I replied, “Sure Grandma, but why are you calling me about this right now?”

She answered, “Well I had a dream last night about grandpa. In my dream he was standing on the other side of fjord (in Norway) and was smiling and waving his arms for me to come to him,” said Grandma.

You see, Grandma was not sick and yet something was happening with her. The next morning as I drove to work my Mom called me.  She said, “Mike, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but your grandma Helen passed away last night.”

I was speechless and overcome with emotions. After five years apart my grandma and grandpa Alvin (Tim) Lee were together again.  I realized that incredibly, my Grandmother had called to share a vision of heaven with me. A real place that she and my Grandpa went to. A place God promises we will go if we place our faith in His son Jesus. And now I get to share her vision with you.

Faith = the Evidence of Things Hoped For, the Evidence of Things Not Seen
My Grandmother’s dream of heaven is one real reason why I believe in God.  Furthermore, her dream is an example of why I believe God still speaks to us today.  Finally, My faith in God and belief in Jesus and the Holy Spirit is based on so many things but included in the evidence are the experiences like this one phone call from my sweet grandma Lee.

It’s A Good Day…
Today I am thankful for this “God wink”. This reminder of my sweet Grandma and her vision. I’m thankful that my wonderful sister Kristin and my Dad are standing on the spot that was in her dream at the same moment the finished book arrived. I’m also incredibly thankful that the book is complete and in my hand and now we get to share it with you.

“This is the day the Lord had made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalms 118:24, NKJ)

Have a great week!

Soli Deo Gloria,