Good Morning from my back porch in Davidson, North Carolina and Happy Independence Day! Lilly and I are happy to see you!

My goal for this blog is for us to get to know each other. I’m going to candidly share my heart and thoughts and I’m hoping you will contribute in the comments or by shooting me an email at

Why did I write The Guided Journey?
There are two answers to that question. First, it wasn’t my idea! God called me to write a testimony about what God had done in my life. Following His instruction is what ultimately led to this book. Second, I have a passion for helping other people who are struggling to find purpose or meaning in their career and life. Writing this book became a scalable and lasting way to share what I’ve learned through my own struggle to find faith and purpose over the last 30 years. My hope is that this book will lead to positive life change for you. I’ll be thrilled if this book helps one person discover their God-given purpose.  We have all witnessed what one person can do in this world when they are living out their purpose on earth. Billy Graham and Martin Luther King come to mind…

Over 80% of people are unhappy, unfulfilled or bored in their career according to a recent Gallop poll of millions of workers worldwide.  Can you believe so many people are unsatisfied with what they spend the majority of their days doing? I wrote The Guided Journey to help people who feel unfulfilled or are in that most disorienting yet exciting time of transition.  A time of transition is when you know you need to make a change in your career or life but you don’t know what to do next. This book will help you through the process of defining YOUR TARGET for your life.  Regardless of your current faith perspective this process will provide practical tools to help you. Being intentional about defining where you are going and developing a plan to get there is just good strategic thinking. You can’t hit a target you don’t define!

What evidence do I have that it works?
I’ve seen it work in my own life three times as I navigated through three stressful and exciting time of transition. On top of that, I’ve had the privilege to help hundreds of clients and friends over the last twenty years by sharing my experiences and the process for navigating this most disorienting period in their lives. The work should be creative, strategic and fun NOT stressful and scary. The endorsements on the website and in the book are good examples of the life-changing results that are possible.

My career has been in the business consulting field helping my client companies and individuals define new strategies and develop plans to achieve their goals. The work I do in consulting is complicated work and involves navigating large Fortune 500 company organizations in a wide variety of industries. The goal of my consulting work is obviously to help each company achieve its goals.

Equally as important to me though is the personal relationships I build with the people I meet along the way. I want to help each of the individual people achieve their personal and professional goals as well. As I work through the projects my clients give me and solve their business problem I establish credibility. As we establish credibility we also establish trust and establish a relationship. When we do this well we become what is called a Trusted Advisor.  As I get to know my clients they turn to me for career and occasionally life advice. Many of my clients have become my closest friends.

A True Story About Life Change
Just a few years ago I got an email from a former neighbor and friend “Mike, I hope you are well. I was hoping to reconnect with you at your convenience.” It was someone I had spent time with during my 2 week transition from my 12 year job at North Highland and starting up Independence Consulting. In the spirit of being transparent with you I ignored the message for a few days. I was super busy with starting up a new company and was feeling overwhelmed.

After a week went by he followed up and at first I tried to keep going with whatever “super important” thing I was doing that day. I felt that “nudge” from the Holy Spirit saying “make time Mike”. I’ve learned to trust that completely so I emailed him back and set up time for coffee. When I arrived at Summit Coffee in Davidson, North Carolina he had a big smile on his face. After we exchanged pleasantries and caught up on how our families were doing he shared…

“Mike, I want to thank you for taking the time you did last year to help me think through my career transition. You helped me with a logical way to approach my transition at a time when I was confused and worried”. I was immediately feeling guilty for almost not making time for him. That is when he blew my mind with…

“Mike, the time we spent together and the book you gave me changed my life. First, it helped me realize I needed to stop drinking for my own sake and the good of my family, second that led me to a relationship with God that I’ve never experienced before. I have so much satisfaction in my job, with my family, with my new found faith.  My new found purpose is to help others struggling with alcohol addiction.”

Finding My Life Purpose — Helping Others Find Their Life Purpose
My life’s purpose became clear in that moment.  I had almost missed this incredible opportunity to help my neighbor.  I decided then to be more intentional about making the investment in other people’s lives by sharing this process. Helping my friend find his purpose helped me find mine! It is an incredible feeling to help someone unlock their potential like that. I helped him and he ended up helping me back. I decided to allow God to use me more in this way.

This example is why I count it as a tremendous privilege when a friend or client turns to me and says something like “Mike, I’m planning on making a transition out of my current company in a few months and I’d appreciate your advice and help on what I’m going to do next.”

The Guided Journey 11 Step Process — Key Steps to Finding Your Own Purpose in Life
In The Guided Journey I’ve “codified” the process that I’ve walked hundreds of my client and friends through during the course of my personal and professional life. I enjoy the one on one time with my clients and I hope we can have a similar type of relationship through the book, the blog and email. Who knows, maybe we could even meet someday.

It has been so exciting to see this book come to life. What excites me most is to see how the process can lead to so many different and cool outcomes. I’ve always resisted the urge to tell someone what they should do but RATHER I’ve helped them walk through a process of discovering it for themselves. The outcome of this process can be as varied as there are people in the world.

Are You Ready to Embark On Your Journey?
You are unique! God created you to do something special. It is your job to seek Him and uncover what your unique purpose is. I have a heart for helping you discover your purpose. When your purpose, your gifts, your experiences, and your passion intersect it is a beautiful thing!

I hope you are willing to put in the time and the work. Please give this a chance. And when you do please keep me posted on YOUR JOURNEY and where you go.

It is a pleasure to meet you virtually and I hope I get to meet you in person someday. Please leave your comments below and feel free to shoot me an email with questions or stories. I will do my very best to respond weekly. I work during the week full time for an incredible consulting firm called Point B but use my early mornings and weekends to write and work on responding to messages.

Soli Deo Gloria,