Pretty pumped to see this review from Steve Jegier – EVP and COO Wells Fargo Asset Management — who just finished the book #trending on LinkedIn

“Like many execs, I read a lot of books. And while I generally learn something new from each, some are more helpful than others…and occasionally one comes along that I feel compelled to share. “The Guided Journey” ( has had a significant impact on not only my career, but in my life – and I would strongly recommend to anyone contemplating a career change. Especially for those who are successful in their current careers… but feel like they are missing something…that there “must be more to life”. This book goes deeper than simply “where are your strengths”, etc…. it probes into more personal, philosophical, even religious areas : e.g. What is your role in this world? Why did God give you the skills you have, and how can you best share them with others? How do you want people to remember you, what legacy will you leave behind? That said, this book is not simply a theoretical discourse – there are practical templates and insightful questions to help you learn more about yourself. He stops short of providing tactical advice on how to accomplish your new-found mission and objectives…but there are plenty of books on that – and isn’t deciding what you want to be, the hardest thing to do anyway?!?”